What is Journalista?


“Journalista” is designed to provide analysis of the political economies of countries in Africa’s Great Lakes region, particularly Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. My concerns include the impact of neoliberal economic policy on postcolonial states, the tensions between grassroots development and mainstream development by major development organizations in this region, and the dynamic and complex relationships between states in this region. I am also extremely interested in how external actors impact Africa’s Great Lakes region, such as transnational corporations, outside nations such as China and the United States, nonprofits and/or non-governmental organizations, and much more.
The phrase political economy is really gathering a lot of attention these days. My working definition of this concept is the interdisciplinary approach to understand the intersections of capitalism (and other economic models), government, and law. For example, a commodity analysis of coltan might illustrate the unregulated, informal, and devastated economy of the Eastern Congo; the relationship between mineral extraction and arms trading; child labor and resource exploitation, and the neocolonial relationship between the Congo and transnational corporations.
Political economy challenges the way economics is typically studied and is strengthened by its interdisciplinary approach which, for example, sees history in consumption patterns and economics in ethnic and gender dynamics.
I am using this blog to explore the field of interactive journalism through CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism, and hope to bring a multi-media approach to my work in research and reporting.


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